Text and fuck her date

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Now what I do with girls I’m friends with, is that I stick to strictly calling them. Calling is so much easier and straight to the point without any fluff, and you’ll become much better friends as well.

So if you’re bored one night and want someone to hang out with, just give the girl a call.

In most cases, if you come across Girl B, I recommend pushing for the hang out immediately.

Idk why but anytime I get like crazy horny the first thing I think about is sucking my brothers cock.

I always hope he walks in on me rubbing my pussy and I tell him I'm thinking of him. Does anyone wanna roleplay on the phone about that?

The good news is, if they do meet up with you that quick, you can almost guarantee a hook up.

If Girl B gives you bullshit answers or “maybe”, just swipe your finger to the right and click delete. Pro tip: Never actually add a girl to your contacts unless you’re positive you want her in your life.

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