Who is mae whitman dating

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Amber works with Crosby Braverman and Adam Braverman at "The Luncheonette".

She is the first family member to learn about Kristina's cancer, and tries to help her uncle by taking more responsibilities at work.

She has a son, whom she names after Zeek Holt, and moves in with her grandparents after he's born.

In the flash-forward, Amber is shown to be married to Peter and raising a blended family, while Ryan is a part of their son's life as well.

Amber begins shaping up and starts trying harder in school and staying out of trouble.

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Later, Amber begrudgingly thanks her mother for a good time, to the delight of Sarah.

Amber becomes friends with Kelsey, who's parents are wealthy and laid-back.

Sarah becomes jealous of the amount of time Amber is spending at Kelsey's house and misses her.

When Ryan shows up to pick her up she is talking to Zach, a band member. At the end of the season, Ryan comes back in Amber's life when he got in a car accident while drunk. They say that although they never stopped loving each other, they both need a fresh start and move on. Amber first tells her mother that's she's pregnant, who doesn't respond well to the news.

She later goes to Wyoming to tell Ryan and decides to stay there in order to take care of him, but realizes that she must put the needs of her baby first.

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